Dual Track Meeting Highlights & Video from October 19, 2015

Below is the video from the Dual Track Meeting held at Southern Pines Elementary School on October 19th, 2015.
Here are a few highlights from the meeting:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

  • Dr. Grimesey gave an overview of collected data that compared student learning and population growth in traditional vs. year round schools. Although the comparison suggests that year round attendance is not growing, he did acknowledge that are multiple factors impacting those numbers and that we could not make a decision about which track a school should adopt based solely on numbers.
  • Running a dual track schools costs MCS approximately $400,000 per year which is currently being covered by our fund balance. This means, we are operating these schools as a deficit to our budget since we are borrowing money from our reserve funds.
  • The purpose of the meetings is to decide as a community if we will continue to have a year round school in our county and if so, where will it be located. The decision on whether or not year round is still an option has NOT been decided yet. Community input will heavily impact this decision.
  • All families connected to the impacted schools will have an opportunity to complete a survey about their preference for year round vs. traditional. Additionally, there will be a comment section for parents to voice their concerns or explain why they may currently be enrolled in one school track but prefer the other. For example, one parent stated that their child is currently enrolled in the traditional track because it is the only way for them to receive their EC services, however if these services were offered during the summer months, they family would have chosen a year round track.
  • Parents not enrolled in the impacted schools who would like to share their concerns/comments should email suggestions@ncmcs.org. Emails will be collected and included with the school surveys.

There are still two community forums to discuss the track system. We encourage you to attend: