Time to Educate Ourselves

If you are voting in next year’s elections (and why wouldn’t you?!), watch this presentation on Moore County schools funding. The state has stopped paying certain costs. They have cut state fund sources. They have restricted use of diligently saved funds. They have removed teaching slots, TA slots, specific programs. All this with 900+ MORE students. Worst of all, they have forced classroom numbers to increase to 1:24 in k-3, 1:28 in 4-8, and 1:31 in high school, with threatened complete loss of TA’s.

“It’s not that bad in MY SCHOOL” you say? “We’re doing just fine.”

That’s because MCS had saved and scraped protected our kids through a savings account built up through the foresight of MCS to keep things steady. Well, that money is now gone. Gone.

So unless you want your high schooler to be 1 of 31 kids in a class, or you’re ok with your 1st grader having 23 classmates and 1 adult, YOU’VE GOT TO PAY ATTENTION to state office candidates education stance. No more money can be diverted to trial projects.


The stream on funding begins at 49:00 and goes until about 1:03:00.

One thought on “Time to Educate Ourselves

  1. Karin Kent

    From Betty McGuire:
    “Hi PFM folks: Here is the link to the Moore County Board of Elections.


    This link tells you all you need to know about filing to run in the March 2016 Primary Election and the November 2016 General Election. If we want to make a difference in what happens to Moore County Schools from the N C General Assembly we need to get concerned Moore County citizens to throw their hat in the ring. Our N C Senate is District 29 and it covers Moore and Randolph Counties. Our N C House of Representatives is District 52 and covers almost all of Moore County. A small part of Moore up near the Randolph County line is House of Representatives District 78.

    The candidate filing period begins very soon, noon on 12/1/2015 and ends at noon on 12/21/2015. Share this information with your friends and neighbors that care about public education. Someone has to step up and be a candidate that will be FOR public education.

    If the link does not work go to Moore County Board of Elections and over on the left click on ‘filing requirements.’

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