We Must Spare a Dime … And More

I would like to add a few words in response to the very well-written opinion article by Mr. Wilkinson (see below).

1. I agree a small property tax increase would be a reasonable way to pay for Moore County School Construction. I’m all for it.

2. The proposed 1/4 cent sales tax increase would NOT BE on groceries nor on gas. An imperfect compromise but still a compromise. I will be voting YES.✅

3. Given our current slate of County Commissioners, a long-term bond or property tax increase to pay for such is not an option. Chairman Picerno has stated this more than once.

4. The sales tax increase brings us level with the surrounding counties and will allow us to IMMEDIATELY start and finish the first 4 school construction projects.

5. We need to start on the problems of replacing aged buildings, addressing school safety lapses and relieving overcrowding now. Not after a prolonged fight with the current commission. Now.

6. Every person in this county wants top health care, top services, the best businesses, the best jobs and the most well-run towns and villages. To get these, we need not just a great place to live but great places for those people to send their kids to school. Or they won’t come. This is a COMMUNITY issue.


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