POLL RESULTS from Moore County Candidates

Parents For Moore contacted all Moore County Candidates and asked whether they were for or against the NC Connect Bond and 1/4 cent Local Sales Tax for School Facilities. The results are posted below:

*= SEE COMMENTS BELOW; NR= NO RESPONSE to phone or email requests

Name NC Connect Bond 1/4Cent Local Sales Tax for School Facilities
Sen. Jerry Tillman FOR FOR
Rep. Allen McNeill FOR* FOR*
Rep. Jamie Boles FOR* FOR*
John (JD) Zumwalt AGAINST* FOR
Comm. Nick Picerno AGAINST* FOR
Comm. Randy Saunders FOR * FOR
Comm. Otis Ritter AGAINST FOR
Comm. Catherine Graham FOR FOR
Comm. Jerry Daeke * *
Bob Zschoche FOR FOR
Frank Quis FOR* FOR*
Louis Gregory * FOR
Stacey Caldwell FOR FOR
Billy Marts FOR* FOR*
Helena Wallin-Miller FOR FOR
Betty Wells Brown FOR* FOR*
Angela Headen Davis nr nr
Bruce Cunningham FOR* FOR*
B.J. Goodridge FOR* FOR*
Libby Carter FOR* FOR*
Pam Thompson FOR* FOR*


Allen McNeill:    I supported the NC Connect Bond when I voted for HB943 on September 30th last year and I still continue to support it and work for its passage in March. It allows the citizens of this state the option of voting either for or against the bond.

I support the ability of the County Commissioners to call for a ¼ cent sales tax referendum for school construction to be placed on the ballot for the citizens to vote on.

Jamie Boles: These are very important issues and I support both of them.  They not only help our local K-12 but our Universities and our local community college.  Thank you for your time in making sure people is aware of these issues.

John (JD) Zumwalt: I am not supporting the current NC Connect Bond. It doesn’t makes sense to borrow two billion dollars because we don’t have enough money and then not use any of that borrowed money for items our School Board and Commissioners have identified as Moore County priorities.   We end up with the same needs we had before – except now we have to help pay back two billion dollars.  I am strongly FOR the ¼ cent local sales tax for school construction.

Nick Picerno:  I am not supporting the bond. The reason is simple. The general assembly is not currently funding k – 12 adequately.  Adding 2 billion in debt plus interest will put more pressure on the state budget and will make k-12 funding continue to dwindle from the state.  This puts more pressure on local government to make up the difference.  I have tried to stay consistent that all government must prioritize what’s important.

Randy Saunders: I am supporting the bond because of the Sandhills Community College.

Jerry Daeke: I am currently undecided.

Frank Quis:  I wholeheartedly support both the NC Public Improvement Bond and the local sales tax increase.

Louis Gregory: I am undecided on the NC Connect Bond.  I am FOR the local sales tax for schools.

Billy Marts: I am strongly in favor of both and I urge all Moore County citizens to vote in support of the sorely needed funding for education.

Betty Wells Brown: The NC Public Improvement Bond is interrelated to the infrastructure of NC’s economic development, and for preparing our students from PreK to the University level to be college and career ready.  Our support of this bond issue will demonstrate to our voters that we need their votes and support.

As the Board of Education and County Commissioners plan for construction of new schools in Moore County, the referendum offers an equitable way all residents and visitors to contribute

Bruce Cunningham: I am strongly in favor of the 1/4 cent sales tax increase to support school construction and the bond referendum.

March 15, 2016 will be a pivotal day in the history of Moore County Schools.  Not only have the County Commissioners given us the opportunity to build four sorely needed schools within the next four to five years, but the Commissioners have pledge to establish a process where the proceeds of the sales tax increase would fund continual capital improvements for renovation or construction of new schools.

The passage of the 1/4 cent sales tax increase is essential to provide our students with the quality facilities they deserve.

B.J. Goodridge: I am absolutely in favor of both. The Connect NC Public Improvement Bond provides much needed funds for a number of important areas in our state. One of the largest things is money for the community college system in NC. On the home front, Moore County is on tap to get more than $12M. Of this amount, just over $3.8M goes to the very deserving Sandhills Community College. Another $8.5M is set aside to convert Samarcand to a training facility for use statewide by law enforcement. Weymouth Woods is also getting over $300,000. All of these areas are extremely important to our community. This is also a bond that will not need any additional taxpayer money to cover as we are rapidly paying down on another bond and that money should cover this.

The ¼ % sales tax increase for Moore County is to fund our upcoming school construction. I cannot stress how extremely important this is to our schools and our future. We must pass this! We absolutely must! Our schools are in dire need of replacement, upgrades, and maintenance. We have neglected these things far too long. This tax will not be on prescriptions or food. This is money that will come from other purchases. It will also come from anyone who visits or travels through. Our schools must remain a priority. Our future, the future of our community, and our future generations walk through the doors of our schools each and every day. We must stand together to give them a school and education they can be proud of.

Libby Carter: I am definitely in favor of both March 15th ballot referendum issues. We cannot do enough to invest in the future of North Carolina’s infrastructure. The Connect NC Public Improvement Bond delivers funds to upgrade and maintain our state parks, the state zoo, and facilities on our university and community college campuses; these are areas that cannot be neglected if North Carolina is to remain attractive to both tourists and industries alike.

I feel even more strongly about our need to approve the 1/4 cent sales tax proposed by our Moore County Commissioners. Our schools overflow with increasing student enrollments and our buildings crumble around them. We must be proactive in addressing these problems by providing adequate campuses for students throughout the county.  This very slight increase in sales tax is just the beginning of the support we must provide in order to meet the needs of this new century.

Please join with me to support both these referendums on the March 15th ballot.

Pam Thompson: I will be voting for both the NC Improvement bond and the 1/4 cents sales tax and encourage and urge all MC voters to vote for both these critical referendums.   Dollars from the NC improvement bond will go towards construction at SCC as well as refurshing of the Samarcand facility for a state police training center.  This is a great opportunity to possibly bring jobs and an economic increase to that area of the county. The sales tax will assist to fund the new schools; the ACC facility and three new schools, as well as other major projects approved on the school’s master facilities’ plan.   We are behind with school construction, and we need to begin new school construction this fall.   We owe it to our students, educators, staff, and the MC community to build new facilities and modernize our school facilities to provide an environment that is safe and conducive to student learning.


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