Sample Letter 2017 Budget Crisis (to state representative or state senator)

*note – below is a sample letter to cut/paste and make your own.  Please feel free to share. When you’re ready, here is the link to the address tab Elected Officials Addresses

Dear (Sir/Madam),

I am writing to express my extreme concern over the looming budget crisis in Moore County Schools for August of 2017 and to share my personal story of why these schools are so valuable to me. And, to ask for your help as my elected official from Moore to the state assembly in Raleigh.

[please insert your story/specific thoughts/reasons here]

[there are no wrong reasons]

In order to protect the quality of our schools in Moore County and therefore our property values, business success, economic vitality and sense of community, I am asking for your help. Specifically, I ask you to

  1. introduce bills and vote to return classroom teacher funding to pre-recession class size formulas (circa 2008).

I will continue to monitor and participate with the local school board budget process to ensure wise use of resources, but we cannot manage what we do not have.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and acting on behalf of all the children in Moore County Schools.  They need our voices and votes to succeed.


[your name and contact info here]

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