4 thoughts on “Sign the #FullyFundOurSchools petition to the county commissioners

  1. Meg DeMolet

    Our children need us to join together to fight for their educational opportunities in all of our Moore County schools! We need to FULLY FUND OUR SCHOOLS!


  2. Megan Kelly Greaves, Seven Lakes resident

    My family & friends in Moore Co continue to be greatly concerned about our state’s school funding crisis. Moore County cannot allow our quality MCS programs & services to be cut and our teachers & school personnel (who are also our neighbors) to lose their livelihood. If our community can’t count on a major quality of life factor such as fully funded, high quality public schools, there will no longer be reason for this to be one of NC’s premier communities or best places to raise a family. We have the wealth to ensure that our community offers excellence – we expect our elected representatives to have the will to make this reality. No more kicking the can down the road! This community is beyond exhausted & frustrated with having to have these cuts, these discussions – these fights to keep things going – every single year. We’ve lost great teachers, teachers assistants, the Year Round program, elementary orchestra, computer labs, central office positions that lead & coordinate programs & staff, and are at a bare bones staff for essential safety personnel like school nurses & athletic trainers. School year 2017-18 will see cutting arts, music, PE & athletics, custodians, guidance, assistant principals, technology instructors, media, Spanish Immersion (a program who’s results in the elementary years far surpass what can be expected at a high school age in our proposed Advanced Career Center and who’s families were promised a MCS school commitment if they committed their child to learning a foreign language through immersion until 5th grade), custodians, school resource officers, and many more – unless something is done now. Thriving communities state and nation wide ensure all these and more – and reap the benefits of a well educated population and the influx of successful families wanting to put down roots & give back to a community that offers quality education. Enough is enough! No more cuts! Find a solution! Your constituents are asking to contribute via our property taxes. We clearly cannot rely on our state to fulfill it’s promises to its constituents or to the children of North Carolina, but the good people of Moore County can & should do what’s right and in the best interest of our community. We must fully fund our schools for the long term, and we must do it right now!


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