Feb. 9 Update

Please continue to share the budget crisis info with friends and neighbors.  The word is getting around!  The business community has come out with several public resolutions in support of fully funding our schools and they are mobilizing to take further actions.
Dr. Bob presented a prototype budget at the BOEd work session last Monday.  It is a vision of what MCS should be doing and shows planning for our future 5 years at a time.  Imagine eliminating this yearly race to survive and replacing it with an orderly, considered process??!  Please watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYy-IXuQ13U&feature=youtu.be

The next School Board meeting is MONDAY FEB. 13 at 6:30PM.  IT HAS BEEN MOVED TO CARTHAGE ELEM. auditorium for crowd accommodation. (312 Rockingham St, Carthage 28327) Public speaking sign up by 6:25pm. 3 MINUTES PER SPEAKER.

The next County Commissioners meeting is TUESDAY FEB. 21 at 5:30PM at the Historic Courthouse in the circle in Carthage, 2nd floor.  Public speaking sign up by 5:25pm.  3 MINUTES PER SPEAKER. Please plan on staying for the entirety of the meeting if you are able.


Please continue to write to our county and state leaders to ask for their diligent efforts to return MCS to the FULLY FUNDED status we expect in Moore County. Sample letters and addresses are in the drop down tabs above.
Our latest slides are here for your reference: 01-20-2017_mcs-budget-presentation-for-parents_community-1;
Dr. Bob’s UPHS presentation is here: union-pines-budget-brief_2017-1-30

Thank you for all you do.  ANY little bit can help!


Karin Kent

Latest Budget Slides 1/20/17


The most updated slides on the MCS 2017-2018 budget gap.  Revised to include the k-3 class size limits enacted by NC General Assembly for AUGUST 2017 AND the long-standing gaps in teacher funding enacted since 2009 by the NC General Assembly.  Contact our County Commissioners and State Elected Officials (see “Contact Your Leaders” section.