How You Can Help

Supporting your local schools can happen on many levels. Whether you’re working full-time or a classroom volunteer, each of us has the ability to advocate for students and parents. Not sure where to start? Then consider these options:

  1. Follow the Parents for Moore Facebook News Page – PFM volunteers track current changes in national, state and local legislature that impacts funding and education policy including curriculum change. By following the PFM News Page, you can stay informed of national, state and local education trends as well as all the wonderful things happening on our campuses!
  2. Email, Call or Write your Moore County Leadership –  Unless you let your local board members, commissioners, or legislature leadership know your concerns, they will assume you are content with the status quo. By contacting your county representatives, you can let them know what you think about current policy changes – both positive and negative. Make sure you don’t just point out what’s “wrong” but consider including policies that your support.
  3. Support your local PTA/PTO groups at your school – Parent and teacher groups play an important role in raising additional funds, providing classroom volunteers and keeping parents informed. Even if your time is limited, consider being a member. Your dues and donations go back to  your school in the form of supplies and advocacy.
  4. Attend or Stream Board of Education Meetings – Monthly Board Meetings plan an important role in managing our school system and are a simple way to stay informed. Meetings are streamed lived and can be watched at anytime through the Moore County Schools Upstream link. The current meeting schedule, upcoming agenda and archive of past meetings can be found under the Board of Education page on the MCS website.
  5. Support the Public Education Foundation of Moore County – The Public Education Foundation  of Moore County was established in 1984 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. The mission of the Public Education Foundation is to encourage excellent educational practices in Moore County public schools by providing financial support and recognition for creative, engaging learning experiences. Each year, the PEF provides grants to local teachers directly impacting classrooms across the county.
  6. Pay it forward – Sometimes the easiest way to support your school is through a simple “Thank You”. A simple note, whether it’s handwritten or sent via email, to  your child’s teacher, support staff or school principal letting them know they are doing a great job is a wonderful reminder that their time and dedication to your child is noticed and appreciated. Sometimes the simple things make the biggest impact!