Education Lottery

The following letter addresses the reduction in funds from the “NC Education Lottery” for school construction costs. This reduction means Moore County is only receiving approximately 19% of the funds rather than the promised 40%. Please include the name of the leader you are contacting and their address at the top of the page and the current date when mailing your letter.

You may copy, modify and use the text below or download a MS Word version of the letter – Sample Letter – Education Lottery

Dear Sir,

I am writing as a concerned citizen of Moore County in your district. I am specifically displeased about the use of funds from the “NC Education Lottery”. As it was originally enacted, 40% of funds collected were to go towards school construction in our counties. As it now stands, Moore County is only receiving ~19%. Though I understand you may not have initiated this change, you have also not corrected this terrible decision.

Moore County is beginning a slow recovery from the recession, and with this more families with children are moving here. To continue to attract these new citizens and benefit our growing population of public school students, we desperately need to modernize and protect our existing campuses as well as build new ones. Please make returning the “NC Education Lottery” funds to public school construction a legislative priority this session. Our students have waited long enough.

Your name
Your city, NC